XENA for Construction Projects

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XENA XER Utility is an extremely valuable solution for managing your Construction Project.  Integrating multiple Primavera P6 schedules from multiple contractors can make a disaster of your master schedule.  XENA XER is designed specifically to:

  • Integrate schedules from multiple contractors
  • Preview XER files before dumping the data into your production database
  • Avoid hours of code cleanup and merging
  • Massage the P6 import file received from your contractors using the import/export analyzer before importing to your database
  • Save your template conversions so that the same customizations are made every time you receive an XER file or project update
  • Convert the XER file coding structure used by the contractor to the structure you prefer in your database
  • Convert global codes to project codes and add prefixes to codes or remove codes
  • Save separate templates for each contractor/project
  • Easily remove data from the XER that you don’t want to import

Click here to download the XENA XER utility and try it now.