XENA XER Utility 30-Day Trial

XENA is a powerful XER utility designed to help Primavera P6 administrators with managing the XER import/export process. With XENA, a user can setup the conversion rules for importing XER files provided by contractors.

The conversion rules are entered into a template which can be repeatedly applied whenever an XER file is provided by a particular contractor. And the user can setup an unlimited number of templates - one for each import situation.

XENA can also be used in the following environments:

  • Move files from engineering to project environment
  • Move files from maintenance to turnaround environment
  • Import weekly updates from contractors

XENA Data Sheet:

To learn more, download the XENA information sheet by clicking here.

30-Day Trial Download:

To download XENA for a 30-day evaluation, click here.

Download Instructions:

  1. When the download dialog box appears, click "Save" and save the download file to your local hard drive. The downloaded file is a compressed/zipped file.
  2. Download the XENA user's manual here.
  3. Refer to the user's manual for installation instructions.

Note: The default user name and password are both "admin".