New XENA Administrator v1.2.0.0 Now Available

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The new version of XENA Administrator tool delivers powerful monitoring and control that is currently lacking in Primavera.  Using XENA Administrator system administrators can monitor several Primavera databases and track assigned user licenses by manager, department or location.  It is now possible to track any change to any Primavera database from one central point!

Xena, LLC has teamed with Mustang Technologies to create XENA Administrator to more efficiently manage the Primavera database configuration saving hundreds of hours.

The new Monitoring features include selecting individual codes for changes with email notification of scope, value and name changes, as well as tracking unused codes for potential deletion.  XENA Administrator provides simple, complete audit capabilities with easy to use queries of the audit data.  User Management functions such as copying user settings layouts and easy purging of locked user sessions make user management quicker.

XENA Administrator resides on the Oracle database and pulls data directly from Primavera to bring in the most up-to-date information.  XENA Administrator can access any Primavera database that the Oracle database can access.

This second release is only one of many exciting releases to come.  The next release of XENA Administrator is already in process.

Primavera administrators and other users interested in learning more about XENA Administrator can email a request for a demonstration to or click here

XENA Administrator partners well with XENA XER Utility designed to manage Primavera XER Imports and provide easy to use configuration control.  Contact us with questions or for more information about how XENA can help your organization with your Primavera implementation.

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